PROTEX®40 instant shelters were designed and developed as a commercial quality shelter, lightweight, but also extremely robust. With many of the features of the market leading PROTEX®50, hexagonal profile alloy tubing for maximum strength, commercial grade flame retardant canopy and sidewalls and using 46mm hexagonal section framework, it has the best strength to weight ratio of all instant shelters on the market, making them the ideal professional choice for any recreational activity, trade event or exhibition.

PROTEX®40 Instant Shelters are the result of long term development, designed as a fully commercial unit and intended for extended professional use. Comprising a 46mm hexagonal section aluminium framework with carbon fibre re-inforced nylon joints, they are lighter than PROTEX®50 models, yet remain incredibly strong. Combined with the fully flame retardant fabrics, PROTEX®40 instant shelters are ideal for exhibitors and traders and perfect for any recreational activity.

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